List Of Good Essay Topics For Your Literature Class

The first step is to pick an appropriate topic when you are creating an essay on Literature. However, there are so many subjects to write about that it could be troublesome to make a decision. In addition, there are a few considerations to keep in mind in order to choose an adequate heading. For instance, you should consider the possibilities of the research behind certain matters, the relation with the topics in your study plan and so on. In this article, we propose some good titles for your upcoming assignment.

  1. Ernest Hemingway's the Old and the Sea. This is most likely one of the most remarkable works I read when I was in high school. This story mixes a good narration with a strong message. You ought to do what you ought to do; you will not regret writing about this book.
  2. Oscar Wilde's Canterville Ghost. This is probably the most hilarious book I've read in English by far. Despite the initial fun, the story switched to a drama and reached delicate issues. It was quite a change of style but it went swiftly and suited the plot. It's a masterpiece.
  3. Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil. Any book by this author is a breeze in your mind. You will get rushed by ideas that end up being connected in ways you could imagine before. Beyond good and evil has a strong message to the current society despite being written more than one century ago.
  4. Literature in the 21st century. Review the current Literature tendencies. What is different in the style of the books at this moment? What has is behind the success of some well-known contemporary works? Do you think that the authors have drastically changed their way of telling a story?
  5. E-books. What is going on with the new technologies regarding Literature?
  6. Martin Luther King's I have a Dream. One of the most remarkable speeches about human rights in the fight for equality.
  7. 20th century most outstanding authors. Make a list about the best writers in the past century. Why did you choose them?
  8. The effect of the new technologies in writing habits. Do you think that gagdets help us communicate better?
  9. The evolution of the language. Discuss whether our language develops faster than before due to the existence of the Internet and other factors.
  10. How to become a Literature writer. Could anyone become an author by working hard?