How to find an argumentative essay topic

When you need to write an argumentative essay, you will need to find a topic that is worth arguing. Yes, there are plenty of topics that could easily be argued, but they are not all interesting. If you think of your instructor and the number of essays that he or she reads, then you will understand why it is so important to find a great topic. Your instructor will appreciate the time that you took to create a phenomenal essay because it will make her grading time much more enjoyable than if you chose something trite. So, how do you find an interesting argumentative topic? Here is some advice:

  • Pick a topic that gets your attention: When you choose a topic you enjoy, you have an easier time writing a paper that gets your readers’ attention. Too often, argumentative topics seem boring to students which is why students write boring papers. If you feel passionate about a topic, then you should write about it. Your passion will show through in the argument that you create.
  • Stay away from the cliché: So many topics have been overdone, so you should always avoid those. One of the most overly argued topics is abortion, but if you can find a way to argue it in an entirely new light, you should give it a try. If you cannot argue a cliché topic in a new way, then you should completely avoid the topic itself. You can test out the topic by researching it online to see if other people have tried to argue the topic.
  • Avoid being wishy-washy: When you argue a topic, argue it. Too many students are afraid to go out on a limb and really get to arguing. You should be able to take a stand and stick with it all the way through to the end. Even if you do not think of the topic as one that is right or wrong, you should argue your side as if you believe it.
  • Find a topic with an opposing argument: One of the best ways to argue a topic is to present the counterargument and prove it wrong. If you cannot present the counterargument and why it is wrong, then you should avoid the topic. It can be fun to develop a counterargument, even if it is far-fetched.