Creating Winning Social Psychology Essay Topics: List Of Tips

It can be hard to figure a new and exciting topic to do your social psychology essay on but it doesn’t have to be.  You have to think about what is important at that time and run with the idea.  The first thing you should do is brainstorm your ideas, just start writing them down and once you run out of ideas, sit down and weed out the bad ones.  This is the one way you can find the winning idea.  If you can up with anything, well there are some things you can do to get the creative juices flowing.

Tips On Find You Topic

  • Watch the news or read news online.  They have some crazy stories sometimes and that might be all you need to find you idea for your topic.
  • If you have a general idea of what you want to write about, start doing light research to narrow down you topic.  Doing this research will show you which idea is a good one and help you find one you will enjoy writing about.
  • Look at psychology journals for ideas; they have experts that write about all kinds of things that you can draw from for finding you topic.

Topic Ideas

These are general topics that you can use to get an ideas from to choose your topic.

  • Discrimination or Prejudice: You can choose a group of people that are discriminated against and explain why that is the case.
  • Social Cognition:  You can do an essay on how social cognition is used in certain types of situations.
  • Attitudes:  You can write about how attitude influence different people.  This kind of essay can have endless possibilities.
  • Cults and Social Control:  This kind of essay can be used to show how cults use social control to get people to do what they want.  You could also pick a certain cult and write about how the leader influenced his or her followers.
  • Propaganda and Marketing:  Writing about how things like commercials and other forms of media influence the way we act it a good topic to begin with.
  • Love and Attraction:  This topic gives you many ways that you can examine the way people act and feel when they are in love or attracted to someone.
  • Prosocial Behavior:  You can use this topic to examine things like the Internet and how things can take off out of nowhere and the prosocial behavior is behind it.