Political Science Topics For Essay Writing

When you are asked to take a political science class, you probably think that it is a waste of time and that it isn’t something that you will use in the real world.  But political science helps you get a better understanding of how the government works and politics that are used in the government.  As an American citizen this can help you understand why the government does what it does and why they don’t do other things.  This understanding of the way things work will help you with voting and understanding bills that are passed in the government.  Now that you know there is some importance to political science, I going to give you some general topics that you can use for you political science essay.

General Political Science Topics

Keep in mind that the topics that I am about to give you are general topics that you can use to get ideas for you essay.  You can start by picking on of my topics and start your research to narrow down your specific topic and thesis of your essay.

  • Social Security:  Social Security has been a hot topic lately because of the government want to cut their budget and leave many seniors with very little money to live on.
  • Welfare:  Welfare is another hot topic that has been in the news lately, with budget cuts and them requiring more information about savings and assets, which makes it harder for some people to get the temporary help they need, while others use the system to collect it without even trying to find a job.
  • Campaigns, Elections, and Politician:  Each one of these topics can be used alone or together in your essay.  You can focus on one person for these topics or study them in general.
  • U.S. Federal, State or Local Politics:  Choosing politics for one of these agencies will give you enough research for you essay and once you start that research you will be able to figure out what your main focus will be in your essay.
  • Government Agencies:  Picking a specific government agency is a great topic for your essay.  Once you pick an agency that you like, you can outline what they do and how the help others through this agency.
  • U.S. Military:  With government spending at an all time high for the military, you can choose a branch of the military and study what they do and what that money is spent on.