The Quick And Simple Way To Write A One-Page Narrative Essay

The narrative essay, as the name indicates, is a way of sharing your personal experience. Since it is all about your personal experience, hence a narrative essay gives a better view about yourself as a person. However writing a narration text requires a lot of talent. It is completely different from a descriptive text in that the readers get to know about your experience and judge it according to them. In a descriptive essay, you need to give details about the topic at hand and also summarize it accordingly to present a justifiable conclusion.

Let us discuss some simple means to write a short and simple narrative.

Some simple tips

  • The choice of topic on which you are going to narrate is very important. If you are writing the narration as part of your homework, where you need to write based on a prompt; you should take due care to write something which is absolutely related to the prompt.
  • Since we need to keep it down to one page, it is better not to use and complex ideas or terminology which might separately need an explanation. The flow across paragraphs and statements should be meaningful and easy to understand.
  • The same thing we need to keep in our mind, we have to keep it short. Hence, it is not required to get into each and every minute detail. This might end up with either making it too long or skipping some important points at the end in order to adjust the size. The best way is to jot down the points first and then go into elaboration.
  • We should not lose focus of the fact that this is a narrative essay. Hence, we should keep it in first person narration only. Use of narration of other subjects might make things a bit complex to deal with.
  • Here you need to make the best effort of explaining your point or experience within one page. Hence, you should make the best usage of your word selection. The phrases or statements you actually made in real time can be used in the narration also. It might make the result better and easy to relate to.
  • Once you are finished with the writing, you should take due cares in revising it as well. Proofreading helps to check whether the theme about which you intended to write is well served in the narration, and there is clarity maintained in the text.