How To Write An Expository Essay In 8th Grade: Tips And Tricks

An expository essay is one of the significant life skills that every 8th grade student must be well versed with. Moreover, it is a casual prerequisite in most professions. It aims in explaining a topic or a subject in a coherent and straightforward manner. The writer presents an equilibrated evaluation of a subject matter based on relevant facts with no address to the writer’s own judgment. Consider the tips and tricks below for crafting a top quality expository essay:


Before the student embarks on the real writing, it is significant to brainstorm about the subject matter by availing all the necessary information about it. This is normally accomplished through research where the writer explores different text and notes down useful information. Prior to the writing, it is crucial to draw an outline sketch to help you determine how you will plan your work in a logical sequence. A writer who does not pay attention to these factors is predisposed to becoming devoid of information and this may hinder his or her effectiveness.

Write the introduction

After you have all the necessary data at your disposal, you can now commence your writing. The introductory section acquaints the thesis, which is the key idea to be built on in the succeeding paragraphs. Make it as interesting as possible in order to sustain the audience’s interest and as a way of curbing tedium.

The body

The next three or four paragraphs entail the major ideas that develop the thesis. Each argument should be presented in third person pronouns and should be contained in each specific single paragraph. Do not forget to back up your points by presenting relevant evidence and citing reliable examples usually from your research. Be certain to complete every sentence as per the question’s requirements.

Write the ending

The final section of your text is the conclusion and the writer simply restates the key points mentioned in the body without giving further details. You can as well state your recommendations but you should avoid introducing new ideas which were not captured in the body. The proceeding part is where you will refer your readers to various texts where they can access relevant information.


A competent 8th grade student will prefer proofreading the work prior to submission while noting and correcting the emerging errors. Consider all the grammatical mistakes and mechanics and rewrite them accordingly to enhance style. Maintain clarity and conciseness when formulating different sentences. Alternatively, you can present your work to your colleague student to reread it and help you note the errors.