A List Of The Most Relevant Research Argument Essay Topics

In college and university a common issue that many students deal with is finding topics for research arguments for essays. There are many issues that are highly relevant today and many popular concerns in science and society that could be used. However I want to focus on the most relevant in terms of research in science today. The reason I wish to use science is because it is one of the most dramatically transformative aspects of our modern day lives. So I will focus on five different areas of modern science that could be used for major arguments in research essays, these are listed as follows.

  • Should We Create Artificial Intelligence?
  • Is The Singularity Possible?
  • Can We Achieve Immortality?
  • Does Extraterrestrial Life Exist?
  • Should We Alter Our Own Genome?

Should We Create Artificial Intelligence?

One of the most pressing concerns in the scientific community is the idea of artificial intelligence and its implications. Artificial intelligence is man made generally computer or robot based intelligence capable of self-awareness. If a machine could become self-aware it could then choose to refuse orders from its creators and in a Frankenstein fashion turn against them. On the other hand if it does not turn against humanity it could be highly beneficial in assisting us with research faster and more powerful than we could ever dream of this leads us to the next argument.

Is The Singularity Possible?

For those who don’t know the Singularity is a scientifically assumed event when artificial intelligent (A.I.) becomes more intelligent than humanity. This will lead to an explosion knowledge unlike anything ever seen. This is due to the fact that the A.I. will think and test its ideas more rapidly than we ever could. While this could be one of the greatest things ever it could also be the worst. Reminiscent of the Terminator series this A.I. could turn on us and attempt to destroy as it may feel itself superior to us.

Can We Achieve Immortality?

One of the most spectacular possibilities that modern scientific research is delving into is that of human immortality. The idea of living very long or forever has been a goal of humanity since its birth. However there are many questions that could come with immortality placing a heavy cost on humanity. We do not know if we could handle living forever or what effects it could have on us and our environment. One major problem could be simply overpopulation and serious wealth accumulation that is hoarded by one person forever.

Does Extraterrestrial Life Exist?

One of the most interesting arguments is over whether extraterrestrial life exists. The idea has far reaching implications in human thought. Religion and culture would have a number of issues with this although not all of them. Many religions and cultures may indeed have a place in their outlooks for alien life. However its not an issue just related to the existence of alien life but what could that life do to us if it existed? Could aliens be hostile or friendly? Would they want to help us or harm us?

Should We Alter Our Own Genome?

The final argument I want to present is over the idea of altering our own genome and changing our genetic structure hopefully for the best. There are things we could do that would make us live longer and be healthier improving our overall senses and wellbeing. We could do these things but we have no idea whether or not we would cause other problems by manipulating one part. For example by lowering aggression it could also present problems by damaging our assertiveness resolution for survival.

These have been just a few of many of the most relevant research topics for essays that students especially science students will have available to voice their opinions and viewpoints on.