Education As A Problem For India Economic Growth

India has long been known for its gorgeous landscapes and beautiful scenery. Delicious food and beautiful music also originate from India. The thing that India is not known for is its educational system. Many people looking for a good education in India, end up traveling to other countries. India has suffered a large economic crisis for many years and many people blame much of that on their lack of a strong educational system.

Education is a main player in the quest for economic growth in every society. Smarter citizens means better business no matter what style of company you look at. India’s lack of a good higher educational system has lead to extremely high rates of unemployment as well as very low graduation rates from school. Many large outsourced companies have found their home in India and are always looking to hire educated individuals for employment. These companies do not hire people with little to no education and therefore, they hire outside employees to work within their companies.

This outsourcing of jobs leads to economic distress for India on many different levels. For starters, citizens of India aren't making the money that they need to live on and often can not afford to do shopping. They certainly do not spend frivolously with a lack of funds coming in to the household. This lack of spending is felt throughout the community in small businesses and large. Without the income from the citizens of the country, many businesses are forced to shut down. This causes a huge decrease in the amount of money going to the government. With stores and businesses closed down all over the place, not many people will want to visit, causing even more economic turmoil for India.

Education is a very important part of a society and economy. People who have a good education are capable of getting a better job and making a better income. This allows them to travel and spend money on other things. When people are spending, the government sees an influx of income and is able to repair roads, bridges, street signs and buildings. This makes people more likely to visit and spend even more money within the country.

When people move from India to other countries for their education, they take with them their money and business. This creates a large problem for countries like India and makes it even harder for them to come out of these economic crises that they have gotten into.

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