Proper Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School

A compare and contrast essay is an essay that compares two subjects that have something in common. It could be watches or other books. As these have something in common. Books would be on similar subjects, like different fantasy, Sci/fi, or romance books. As these would have more in common, and more differences. As an example a student might compare two different science fiction books. Looking at how they were written, the story line, and the character development.

A List of Topics a Student might Choose

This will be broken into different sections for easier use.

Student Life

  • Cell Phones
  • Cars
  • Fashion: This could focus on types of pants, dresses, shoes, anything that fits in fashion.
  • Hair Styles: men or women
  • Pens
  • Backpacks- School Bags: which ones offer more, or made with better quality
  • Bicycles
  • Teachers: your favorite and least favorite, and why
  • Classes
  • School Staff

Personal Life

  • Computer/cell phone games
  • Vacation Places: Places the student has been and what made one better than the other
  • Movies/TV Shows
  • Books
  • Music
  • Authors: which is your favorite, and worst, and why
  • Food
  • Restaurants
  • Hang Outs: Where do you like to hang out at, and where not, and explain why
  • Clothing Shops


  • Sports
  • Activities: What type of activity the student enjoys outside of school, to the ones they do not like
  • Goals: If the student’s and Parents’ goals are not the same compare them and show why they do not like their parents' goals
  • Weather: this could be rain to sun, snow to hail, whatever the student chooses
  • Life of a pet
  • Life with a pet, to life without a pet
  • Different types of Punishment: The types of punishment parents might impose on that Student
  • Adolescence to Teen years
  • What makes the Student Happy, to What makes them Sad
  • Plants the Student Likes, to Weeds they do not Like

Gender/Age Specific

  • Relating to male Friends, to Relating to Female Friends
  • Morning Rituals: the difference between Adolescence to Teen, not too detailed just enough to show the difference
  • How have your Friends Changed: As they have grown
  • Likes Now to Likes when They were Younger
  • Clothing as a Teen