Where To Look For Proofread Examples Of Literary Essays

If you already know how to write personal essays for college, now it is time to focus on each stage for proper submission. Of course, it is not the same to write an essay comparing and contrasting, than to simply express your insight. Yet, despite your approach, it is highly recommended that you ensure top proofreading. To begin with, it may be good to have a second opinion. Have someone else read your essay, he or she, will analyze as an observer. An objective perspective will do.

Reinforce the thesis

When writing a literary essay, make sure your thesis is clear and that is clearly established. For it, you can resort to The Purdue University Online Writing Lab, which serves writers, and encourages students to find their main point. For example, the thesis statement "Cats are better than dogs" is vague. But a thesis stating that "cats are better than dogs for apartment dwellers" is more direct and easier to support. Proofread examples of literary essays will also help ensure that all information provided to support the thesis is included. For example, saying that "dogs provide more exercise to their owners" would be a declaration would not support the thesis.

Developing paragraph structure

Once the thesis is clearly written and other material that is not consistent with the contention is eliminated, see the paragraph structure. Support points should be divided into separate paragraphs and not repeated. In the above example, a paragraph can say that cats are often allowed in the apartments while dogs may be too large; the following cats need not be taken out, and finally that cats are independent and do not mind being alone for long. Within each paragraph, uses five to seven sentences to explain the point.

Adjust the conclusion

The last paragraph should summarize the argument. You must not introduce any new material in the last paragraph of an essay. "Although dogs are beloved animals that are better suited to suburban or rural life. Cats are better apartment dwellers because of its size, the ability to stay inside and their independent nature" would be a good final declaration to use in the last paragraph. The conclusion should reinforce the thesis but add details that remind the reader the force of the argument presented.

Eliminate common grammatical errors

After finding proofread examples of literary essays and going through spellchecking process, consider the following:

  • Print your paper, .mainly since errors are not easily detected by a computer.
  • Verify that the word processor has chosen the right word.
  • Search for grammatical errors as outlined in the Laboratory of Purdue Online Writing.
  • Make sure the subjects and verbs agree.
  • Plural nouns require plural verbs.
  • Look for sentences without punctuation and correct the accordingly.
  • Check if there are common misconceptions such as "a" by "Two" or "are" for "their".
  • If possible, take a day or two to read and reread the essay to have a great opportunity to get much brightness.