How to Write a Literature Essay in Only 45 Minutes

Literature essays generally take a long time to write. Many students spend weeks completing their essay. For students who wait until the last minute, it is still possible to complete the essay within 45 minutes. The quality of the essay depends on how well the student listened in class. Good notes about the book and quotations can serve as a basis for the essay. By using these notes, students can complete their essay in record amount of time.

Turn Off Social Media and Distractions

Is the television on? If there are only 45 minutes left to write the essay, students need to get rid of any outside distractions. Turning off the television, shutting down the Internet and turning off cell phones will help the student to focus. Afterward, they should find a quiet area where they can work undisturbed.

Create an Outline

Although it initially takes more time, creating an outline is one of the best ways to complete something quickly. An outline helps the student to create a strong, logical argument. Instead of stumbling and trying to figure out what to write next, they already have the next paragraph in mind. Any quotations or statistics that will be used should be kept on hand in an easy to reach spot. This will help the student to save time as they write the essay.

Sit Down and Write

Many professional writers know that the secret to writing is to just write. Although it sounds easy, starting to write can be challenging. If students have an issue letting the words flow, they should just begin writing and not worry about what the essay looks like. It can be edited at the end. In the beginning, just getting words on paper should be the key focus. Write quickly and coherently. Any mistakes or logical errors can be removed when the writing process is complete.

Don't Waste Time on Topic Selection

Instead of agonizing about a topic, students need to select an article idea and start writing about it. Debating the topic will only take up valuable time and put the student behind schedule. Select a topic that is easy to write about and makes use of current notes. This will prevent the student from having to do extra research on the topic.

Editing and Citations

As soon as the essay is complete, students need to quickly read through it out loud. Run the document through spell check and make sure that there are not any grammatical errors. If you are not sure in your grammar, get help from online essay editing service. In addition, make sure each quotation or statistic is accurately referenced. The end of the paper should also include a bibliography or reference list.