Academic tutorial: how to write great college essays easily

Writing college essays is a skill that you should master in your first few months of being in college. Even if you hate writing, you should learn how to quickly write essays that will earn top grades in all of your classes. The key is to know the template for an essay so you can focus on the content rather than the structure. Once you know the template for an essay, you can easily apply it to every essay and earn good grades.

Parts of Every College Essay

Each essay includes three sections, the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are usually each one to two paragraphs in length. The body of the paper is usually at least two paragraphs and can include pages of paragraphs. The body paragraphs are all structured in exactly the same way. The introduction and conclusion sections are mirrored images of each other.

Write the Introduction

When you write the introduction, you begin with a hook. There are several different types of hooks, but they all have the goal of getting the reader’s attention. The hook can be one sentence or several. The last sentence of the introduction is the thesis or claim, which is the guiding statement for the entire essay. In between the hook and thesis are a few sentences that help explain how the hook connects to the thesis.

Formula for the Conclusion

The conclusion is the mirrored image of the introduction. The first sentence is the thesis, but it should be written differently. The middle section of the paragraph is a restatement of the main ideas. The last sentences should reconnect to the hook.

Write the Body Paragraphs with this Template

The body paragraphs should all have several sentences. The first one should be a topic sentence that directly relates to the thesis. In fact, the topic sentences should have some words in common with the thesis. The rest of the paragraph should alternate between examples that support the topic sentence and sentences that explain how those examples support the thesis. In most paragraphs, there should be at least three examples and explanations. The body paragraphs should end with a statement that ties the examples together. This formula should be repeated in each body paragraph.

Once you understand the formula for an academic essay, you simply need to fill in the sentences with the content from the class. You will not fail if you know how to structure the academic essay.