Where to Look for Good Research Essay Topics

The task of coming up with and finding a good research essay topic can be intimidating and overwhelming.  What if you don’t pick a great topic? There are so many topics one could come up with.  Not even the sky’s the limit!  

Keep calm and know there are very good places to look when selecting a topic.  I recommend looking for research essay topics online for ideas, consulting your local librarian to help narrow those ideas, and then consulting with your teacher to help you choose your final topic.  These are all great place to look for finding a research essay topic.

Look for Good Research Essay Topics on the Web

  • There are dozens and dozens of websites provided solely for the research student.  You can begin looking for potential topics online.
  • Perform and initial search query - Since it is getting easier and easier to perform searches on the web, simply perform a search query for “good research essay topics.”

Look for a Good Research Essay Topics at the Library

  • Yes, the library!  Fewer students are utilizing their local and in-school libraries, as most of us have learned to rely heavily on what we are able to find online.  However, there are valid points in looking for a research essay topic at the library versus solely online.
  • Consult with the librarian – Librarians have a wealth of knowledge of what’s available to read and how to go about finding material on just about anything.  It’s their job and they love it. 
  • Consult with the reference librarian - If a reference librarian is available, someone who specializes in reference books such as academic journals, then you really have an excellent source for finding a good, solid research essay topic.

Go to Your Teacher of Professor for Guidance

  • Consult with your teacher – Show your teacher a narrowed list of topics you’ve chosen from the work you’ve done online and at the library. 
  • Pay attention to your teacher’s reaction and body language to each topic. – Watch and listen well.  Your teacher will surely react differently to each topic.  One or two topics will jump out favorably to your teacher.

This path in finding a great research essay topic is one I recommend for success in your essay.  Spending some time to look for a great topic will make the whole process of writing the essay more enjoyable for you, and you are likely to turn in a really great paper.  Good luck!