Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School

Thinking of a Topic

Take it easy—the comparison and contrast essay is one of the easiest essays to write in high school and often one in which you can draw on your own knowledge, feelings, and experiences to write, depending upon the topic of the essay. You need only think about a favorite topic that you are interested in and think about how you can examine a thing, a concept, an idea, a belief, a set of beliefs, a profession – really the topics and categories are endless. You don’t even have to think of opposites as two subjects, objects or concepts that when contrasted and elucidated upon would deepen our insights in to both.


Watch out for structuring the comparison and contrast essay. You most certainly do not want to spend one paragraph discussing one and then the other. Instead, let it naturally flow and discuss differences and similarities as you think of them.

Paper Topics

  1. Love is Love: Compare and Contrast the Different Kinds of Love Have for Parents, Pets, our Romantic Partners
  2. Compare and Contrast Having Dogs and Cats for Pets
  3. Compare and Contrast the Causes of Global Warming
  4. Compare and Contrast Your Beliefs Before and After a Life-Changing Event
  5. Compare and Contrast Yourself as a Child to the Age You Are Now—How are You Different? How are You the Same?
  6. Compare and Contrast Studying a Subject You Hate to One that You Love: Do You Learn More When You Like A Subject?
  7. Compare and Contrast Modern Art to 19th Century Art
  8. Compare and Contrast the Baroque to the Romantic Period in Art
  9. Compare and Contrast the Realists to the Naturalist Writers
  10. Compare and Contrast Modern to Postmodern Literature
  11. Compare and Contrast the Five Paragraph Essay to Advanced Research Topics
  12. Compare and Contrast Documentation Methodologies: How do MLA and APA differ?
  13. How do Animals and Mammals Differ?
  14. How are the North and South Pole Different in Terms of Animal and Plant Live There?
  15. Compare and Contrast Different Solutions for the Global Warming Problem
  16. Compare and Contrast the Differences Between the Greeks and the Romans
  17. How Were Greek and Roman Mythology Alike and Different?
  18. Compare and Contrast World War 1 with World War II
  19. Compare and Contrast Different Branches of Christianity
  20. Compare and Contrast the Quakers to the Amish Peoples