Drafting A Business Essay: 7 Tips For Students

All students must be able to construct a well written business essay as it will play a vital role in their ability to be accepted into a new job or school of higher learning later on in life. Admissions and human resource managers have methods of quickly separating the good applications from the bad ones. Here are seven tips to ensure your business essays are not simply tossed aside:

  1. Use professional format
  2. Research the different formats and styles used for this particular type of essay and select the best one for your own piece. At a glance the essay can be made to appear appealing by using a proper format. This can be the deciding factor on whether or not your piece receives a second glance by the intended reader.

  3. Be concise
  4. Do not pad the paper up with unnecessary words. This is obvious to any reader and may serve to discourage further consideration of your paper. State points clearly and include only relevant information. This demonstrates to the reader that you understand the purpose of this process and can perform to suit the demands of the situation.

  5. Research
  6. Any institution will be interested to know why you consider yourself a suitable applicant. Take some time to do some studies into the institution and formulate the application with these facts in mind. If anything, it shows the administrator that you cared enough to learn a little about them.

  7. Present accomplishments and goals
  8. Include examples of past accomplishments to further enrich your position as a potential candidate for the position. Be certain to also state desired goals and how you intend to have them met, using examples where relevant.

  9. Use examples to demonstrate strengths
  10. Describe a situation in which you played a major part in the eventual resolution of the incident. Demonstrate how your actions resulted in the desired outcome and show how you reached these conclusions. This example will better show your capabilities as a decision maker than simply stating so.

  11. Demonstrate the ability to grow
  12. Describe qualities that demonstrate the ability to grow and develop as an individual and as part of a team. Use examples or even present your own philosophy to help the case.

  13. Show why the job or school is best for you
  14. Find ways of showing how the institution or school will benefit you in the pursuit of personal goals and also demonstrate your ability to contribute to the establishment.