Exploratory Essay Topics Ideas: How to Choose a Researchable Question

When you are choosing essay topics, it is best to choose topics that are actually questions you can research. For example, if you are writing about how humans can live forever, clearly there is not enough research in the requisite directions for this to be done. This makes for a poor essay question, because without this research it is impossible. There are other poor questions, however. Sometimes a question is too specific and you will only be able to find one or two sources, or there are no relatively available sources that are not biased. There are some tips you can try to choose essay topics that are good and easy to research.

The first thing you want to stay away from its recent events that occurred in the last month or so. For example, if you look at any given political controversy, you are likely to find that everyone writing and reporting on that event has some political angle. This will tarnish many of your sources and you will find them unreliable for fear of political bias in your essay. These are other very politicized topics where everyone you talk to or read from is going to have an angle, and if you cannot get lists of objective sources very quickly, this kind of essay topic should be abandoned.

You will often want to have a method to find a good topic. You will want to have a broad topic that offers information from lots of sides. Say, a philosophical debate, a geopolitical issue, or some argument in bioethics or some other ethics of science. These are all things that have a lot of people with equally valid opinions talking, so background information is going to be quite reloadable and easy to find. A large amount of information in a broad topic is going to allow you to figure out what people are saying and thinking about that topic, which is good for you.

When you get to this point, you will have a lot of research. To find the best researchable topic, you will find that a lot of your research is done, or at least your preliminary research is going to be complete. At this point, you will need to start to look for an insightful, specific topic in the broad category you were looking at. Simply select your most interesting sources and find a way to tie them together. Once you have a specific, firm topic you can find other sources that will help you out. You found sources already, so surely there is more information out there. This should be enough to get you started.