How to Come Up with a Good Topic for Persuasive Essays

When coming up with good topics for a persuasive essay you need to keep in mind the purpose of the assignment. This essay will have specific rules and guidelines students will follow. This means your topic selection needs to do the same thing. If you select a topic you do not feel comfortable trying to defend you may not be able to convince readers to see things from your angle. Your topic needs a specific amount of reasoning and logic your audience will grab onto. This will make a difference when you select your final idea and it will make the writing process easier.

What Are Views You Understand from Multiple Angles?

You should have a detailed understanding about your topic and what you want people to understand about it. You will review different sides and angles and build your argument or claim from what you believe the most. This means you will need to understand what elements will make your claim the most convincing against what others will believe. You will need to consider evidence from all angles to help you choose the best points to make your claim stand out.

The Art of Persuasion: Taking Notes on Potential Ideas

As you understand different sides and views others may have on the issue, you need to start taking notes on your side. Analyze evidence that will make your side believable. What pieces do you need in order to produce a good persuasive argument? You should not need to resort to making up information or providing false details, but you need main points and evidence that will support your views in a realistic manner. These elements will be crucial in helping you find a good topic for your essay.

Study Example Ideas

There are examples of persuasive essay topics people can review that will provide more clarity on why you need a good topic. Even if you have the freedom to choose the topic you want you need to understand how to present your information. The following ideas are a few to help you get started in your search.

  • Parents should get in trouble for spanking their children.
  • More people should recycle.
  • Smokers need to pay more money for cigarettes.
  • People in modern society are not getting enough sleep.
  • Enough is not being done to fight terrorism.