How to Pick Good Topics for an Essay on Hamlet

Hamlet is considered one of the best works that have ever been written by William Shakespeare. It’s a serious play with multiple aspects that are worth studying. This play is often given for reading to the students at schools, colleges and universities. After kids study the material, they usually obtain various assignments that are connected with the marvelous work of a great author.

There are many interesting essay topics that can be selected by the students and all of them can bring positive marks. If you find difficulties with the selection of an essay topic on Hamlet, the following information will become very useful. With its help you will easily come up with excellent writing ideas.

  • Try to connect your topic with the present.
  • The play has a set of themes that are connected with our modern time. You can select one of them and explain it in the context of our present days. The paper on this topic will prove that this literature masterpiece is an eternal work.

  • Analyze the philosophy that is depicted in the play.
  • William Shakespeare managed to set a complex of philosophical questions that were hidden behind the tragedy of relations. Chose a peculiar philosophical idea and compare it with the ideas of famous philosophers.

  • Choose your favorite character and create his or her psychological portrait.
  • There are many controversial heroes in Hamlet that are worth being analyzed. Select the character that you like most of all. Write about the person’s motives and desires in life. Analyze his or her relations with other characters to obtain a better picture.

  • Describe the traditions that were predominating in the given period of time.
  • Find out the most distinctive traditions and social ideas that play an important role in the text. The historical background can give a lot of answers to various problems that are set in the work of a classical literature. Read books on history that can cast light upon the mysteries that are hidden in the play.

  • Discuss the questions of the purpose of life.
  • The purpose of life is usually the most important idea that is set in this play. Each character is pursuing his or her goals and tries to find a sense of life. State the purpose of life through the prism of the tragedy.

  • Write about the results of vengeance.
  • The reason and result of revenge can be considered the core element of the whole work. The essay on this topic will surely be worth of the readers’ attention.