What Are the Most Interesting Reflective Essay Topics

In reflective essays, students are required to write about past events and the experiences they got out of them. The main aim of such essays is to help students learn to analyze events that had impacts on them, as well as help draw conclusions not about abstract and detached notions, but rather about something they took part in. Reflective essays are always thrilling to write, as most of them are associated with repeated emotional experiences. Therefore, this type of essay is popular at different stages of school and college education. The structure of reflective essays is traditional; they usually contain an opening paragraph, a main body, and a conclusion. Their main advantage is the freedom to express what the author wants to say the way he or she considers the most appropriate.

Here are some ideas for reflective essays that can be easily transformed into new ones in accordance with what you would like to share:

  1. Looking at the full moon from the roof of your house.
  2. Getting caught in a summer shower.
  3. Watching lightening late at night.
  4. Having coffee at your favorite patisserie.
  5. The moment you realized you were in love with someone.
  6. A visit to an unusual place.
  7. Your participation in a school theatrical performance.
  8. Meeting your classmates for the first time.
  9. The most challenging homework assignment you had to do.
  10. The movie that made you cry.
  11. A high school experience I cannot forget.
  12. How I met my best friend.
  13. The event I would like to forget.
  14. A dinner that brought my family together.
  15. The event that broke my heart.
  16. The day my sister/brother was born.
  17. The worst exam of my life.
  18. The day I won a competition.
  19. A person that changed my life.
  20. The first sum of money I earned.

It is quite obvious from the list that in most cases, you are supposed to present a vivid verbal description of the picture that is stored in your mind, as well as the emotions that overfilled you at that moment. You also are to analyze your behavior and state whether it was wrong or right. It is necessary to show how the described experience changed you or made you who you are.

Reflective essays help trace not only the development of writing skills, but the personality development of the writer. So, keep all of them so you can reread them later in your life and compare the emotional experience.