How You Can Benefit from Using Essay Writing Examples

One of the really great things about the Internet is that you can seriously benefit from using essay writing examples. There are many benefits and I will explain them in more detail later. But an added plus is the fact that they are so easy to obtain. There are hundreds of websites which offer essay writing examples. Many of these websites are free. So the only question remains is why haven't you been accessing these sites before?

The benefits

  • You can see the structure of an essay.
  • You can see the format of an essay.
  • You can see a range of topics chosen to write about.
  • You can see the score given in the comments by the examiner.
  • You can see examples of bad essay writing.
  • You can learn from all the good points you discover.

The structure of an essay is vital. The basic structure has been in use for ages and there is no point in you trying to reinvent the wheel. But by knowing the structure which is made up of three basic parts -- the introduction, the middle paragraphs and the conclusion -- you are able to see how these three sections operate within the essay writing examples you discover.

Sometimes an essay is required to be presented in a particular format such as APA or MLA. If that is the case you can easily see the requirements as you peruse the essay example.

If you're stuck for ideas when looking for a topic to write about, every one of the essay examples online will have a topic. The topic may inspire you or something may trigger your imagination when you see a particular topic.

You can gain a lot of help by reading the comments made by the examiner of a particular essay. Why did they say what they said? There could be some salient points for you to remember by studying the comments of the examiner.

Not that you want to copy bad characteristics of an essay but it can be handy to see where somebody goes wrong and to know why they went wrong. The benefit being that you then avoid making those mistakes when it comes to writing your own essays.

And finally you can always learn from the good points you discover. What is good about the essay you are studying? Remember what is good and apply those techniques and requirements in your own essay writing.