Is it possible to find a unique college essay topic?

Well yes because it is fair to say there is almost a limitless number of topics from which you can choose your college essay. We need to be sure we understand what is meant by the word unique. In this case it means that there is a college essay topic out there which has never been chosen before, which has never been written about before.

One of the most difficult parts of achieving success according to the title of this article is how do you prove your college essay topic is unique? One of the ways in which people check to see if some writing online is plagiarism free is by using a search engine which looks for identical material. You could take the same tack and, having chosen what you hope is a unique college essay topic, go online and see if you can find it elsewhere.

It doesn't have to be completely different

Don't go thinking that if you are to find a unique college essay topic that it will be so far out, so unusual that it would have to be unique. Nobody would ever have thought of such a different essay topic. But this is not making your task any easier. What will make it easier is that you find a college essay topic which has been used before but make a change or changes to it.

It's the same principle that when you write about a topic which is very popular in the past; you can get away with it provided you look for a new angle or a new approach to an old topic. This same principle can apply when trying to find a unique college essay topic. Look for a topic which appeals to you or better still, about which you have a passion, and then see if there is a way you can change a word or two to make your topic unique.

Whatever steps you take to find the unique college essay topic, what is more important is the relevance of the topic and the relevance of your writing. There are no degrees of uniqueness so you can't have something which is more unique. But if you do find a unique college essay topic, that in itself will not get you a distinction for your writing.

Your ability to stick to the topic, to use the proper structure, to write well and remove all mistakes are the main ingredients which will be considered in the marking of your essay. By all means look for a unique topic but also retain the correct technique and style of essay writing.