Getting someone else to proofread your college essay

There are many students who choose to proofread their own college essay. There are several reasons for this. They feel that they are the best person to know their own writing. They do not want to share their ideas with another student. They don't have the money to pay for a professional proofreader. And it may be that they are right. It may be that they are able to do an excellent job in proofreading their own work. However, this is not always the case. In fact there are many tutors and teachers who will tell you that they read countless essays where a student who wrote the essay has done their own proofreading and has not done a good job. So if you are going to get someone else to proofread your college essay, who should that be?

Professional proof-readers

There are people who make a living out of professionally proofreading college essays. Obviously if they have been in the business for many years, have glowing testimonials and a webpage which trumpets their qualifications and success, it stands to reason that they must be doing something right. Now it depends on your interpretation of the importance of your college essay and to a certain extent your budget. You can argue that some essays are more important than others. Certainly a major dissertation is seriously important. If you have the funds to pay for a professional proofreader and you believe that your academic writing would benefit from the services of such a company, then by all means investigate the possibility.

A peer review

This could be a quid pro quo situation where you and a fellow student, a peer at your college, agree to proof read one another's essay. You would want to be sure that both of you are genuinely interested and are prepared to spend the time to seriously proofread the essay. But if you can find such a fellow student then this could be an ideal situation. You will get your essay proofread, you will get to see how another person tackles their writing work and there will be no money changing hands.

Using technology

There are free proofreading software programs which everyone uses for such things as spelling and punctuation and you can well subject your essay writing to this software. Then too in case you're worried about plagiarism, there are software programs which will check if you have inadvertently used somebody else's work. But as to other aspects of proofreading such as redundant material, repetition and incorrect structure or formula, it would appear to be a need for human intervention.