Great tips on how to write a persuasive essay

A persuasive essay as its description suggests needs to win the reader over to a definite point of view. By its nature it should be controversial and engage different points of view. The writer should have the capacity to see and understand different points of view on the subject and incorporate them into the argument. He should discuss the topic and research it  thoroughly  to gain a strong grasp of the situation. Take time to form an opinion and back it up with sound logical evidence.

Begin with the Introduction

  • Write a great attention grabbing start to the introduction with a controversial  opening to engage reader interest.
  • Outline what the essay is about.
  • Write a definite clear thesis statement that tells the reader what your argument is.
  • Tell the reader what ground the essay will cover.
  • Use a link word or phrase to move on to the next paragraph.

The body of the essay, first paragraph

  • The first paragraph should present the main piece of evidence supporting the thesis. Cite evidence and quotations naming the author with date of publication and page number. Present two or three sources.
  • Use a link word or phrase into the second paragraph.

The second paragraph will be the second most important piece of evidence with citations , quotations and statistics. Also present the alternative point of view to show a good all-round grasp of the subject and show why your view and evidence prevails.

Follow the same procedure in the third paragraph.

The fourth paragraph

  • Present the counter arguments and refute them.
  • Say why your view should prevail whilst acknowledging the points raised against it.

The Conclusion

  • Summarize the important points raised and why they are persuasive.
  • Restate the thesis and why the reader should agree with it.
  • Present a dramatic call for urgent action.
  • Draw conclusions and if necessary suggest a course of action.

Revise the essay

  • Carefully checking for grammar and spelling and avoiding repetition.
  • Consider whether your persuasive essay has succeeded in achieving what it set out to do in persuading the reader.
  • Vary the sentences and check for style. Read it out allowed and have a friend do the same. Check whether the essay has presented a strong enough argument.

Write a persuasive essay that you can be proud of which makes its point.