How to Rewrite an Essay Sample You Found Online to Make It Plagiarism-Free

If you are writing an essay, and you find a good essay sample online, there are ways to rewrite it to make it plagiarism-free. The ideas that are presented in the argument may not be unique. In many cases, these ideas are the same that you have had or that other students studying that topic have had before you. As a result, you can use the same general arguments but in order to make it plagiarism free you need to:

  • Avoid copying or paraphrasing the lines in the essay sample and instead use similar arguments
  • If you use the same sources and same statistics or facts you need to cite them properly
  • You should make sure that you add your own critical analysis to whatever they presented and only use the same general ideas or same structure
  • You should also run the content though a plagiarism checking website to make sure that you did not copy any sentences directly (except for authoritative quotes from another source)

When you are writing a paper it is imperative that you are able to manage your time and set aside time to research and write long before the project is due. Do not leave things to the last minute. Get a chart or calendar to help you schedule your day. Keep a calendar broken down by the day. Some can be found that break down your schedule by the hour or half hour, and for some this is great while for others it is too much. A simple day calendar can be used every morning as a reference for what you need to do that day.

  • Stick to whatever schedule you make. If you write down that you are going to work on research from noon until 2, do it. Do not succumb to breaking your habit. Just setting a schedule with a specific amount of time during which to work can prove much more efficient. You will be surprised how much more work you get done during that small amount of time.
  • When you need to plan long term goals, you should start with the final due date. Then work your way backward and set goals for things such as research or an outline or even a primary draft.

Try not to let your immediate concerns pull you away from devoting the time you really need to your essay. You might think it easy to let the paper sit on the back burner just because it isn’t due for two weeks but it plan your time and have a concrete deadline by which you want to finish you will find that the big project doesn’t seem so large.